food grade silicone | BPA free | third party tested | non-toxic

Why Silicone?

Product Care


We love all the products we’ve bought for you. They are some of the best sellers in my shop. My favourite is the ball gloves.


Hi Felicity! I just wanted to extend my appreciation for the lovely handwritten note that accompanied my moose teether that I received today. The small things really truly make all the difference 😊 thank you.


I have one of these key ring ring bracelets and it is soooo convenient to not have to hold on to your keys!!! My hands are often full or I'm using my phone, and having my keys around my wrist is a game changer!


Did you know...

Our items are third-party safety tested

Poppy + Clover's items are safety tested in a Canadian Lab to ensure they pass Canadian and American safety standards for children's products.

While this isn't a requirement in Canada (which is shocking when it comes to items for our little ones) we go the extra mile to make sure our items are compliant.